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StepUp Egypt introduces 3D Tooling Solution to Egypt

Hong Kong, 8th January 2014 – StepUp Egypt is authorized to represent and support the latest product lines from 3D QuickTools. This includes the products for both Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks platforms. StepUp will invest technical engineers to focus the two platform solutions to provide world-class support standard to the tooling customers. Egypt manufacturing is fueled by the vehicle assemblers coming from Europe, Asia and America. The annual production reach to 262,000 in 2008. Apart from private cars, buses and trucks are important segment in the total car productions. The market provides an ideal application site for 3D tool design which has been proven as a productive design tools in many advanced industrial countries. Over 40% of 3D QuickTools world-wide customer bases are related to auto parts manufacturing. Developers of 3D QuickTools put ease-of-use interface without the compromises in functionalities into the products. In addition to auto parts industries, StepUp will introduce the tooling solutions to electrical, electronics, marine and construction industries.

StepUp Egypt began in 2012 based in Cairo, Egypt supplying total integrated solutions for all the design and manufacture fields. StepUp Egypt is a Value Added Reseller for a number of the biggest worldwide software companies working in CAD / CAM fields, providing technical support through enthusiastic, professional technical support engineers, the team has wide spectrum of expertise in the field of CAD/CAM Integrated Solutions. The team members include Certified SolidWorks Professional, Autodesk Inventor Consuteltant, and Revit Specialist. With the leadership of Hisham Farrag himself as Certified SolidWorks Professional over 10 years of customer sales and support experience, StepUp is focused to serve engineering consultants, Information Technology providers, contractors, oil & gas sector, industrial sector, national projects, and government agencies with advanced IT solutions. StepUp will also assist the local CAD resellers to fulfil their manufacturing solutions with the full product lines from 3D QuickTools in metal tooling and plastic mold design segment.

About 3D QuickTools
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of StampingToolsSystem.  The company has been focusing on applying 3D tool design methods and automation over 10 years with steady product innovation to address mold tooling design cycle in every detail.  Over 800 world class factories are using 3D QuickTools’ technologies every day. For further information, visit