Our customers are tool makers for many auto parts
3D QuickTools Customers


Applying 5-axis machining.

Tool designers are also involved in the manufacturing of tooling in shop floor.  To understand the machining process is important to tool designer.  5-axis machines are becoming very affordable today.  Our team illustrates how to to do some test cutting using 5-axis.


Propose your most wanted function for Inventor you need for tool design.

Effective from July 15, 2016, 3D QuickTools starts a new project aiming at empowering tool designers to speed up their tool design process in Autodesk Inventor.  You may propose one function to us.  After we accept your proposal, we shall develop the new version of STS to incorporate your suggested new function.  We shall also grant your a free use of STS for 12 months.  Don’t wait.  Contact us at now.